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aartsenfruit is growing very fast. The company offers very interesting jobs locally and internationally. Together with the team of aartsenfruit and experienced Amsterdam video company Frequin, SuperRebel Creative Agency created a video to show what a beautiful international company aartsenfruit is. We have been filming several nights and followed the whole business process which is quite exciting and smart. The video is seeded online and used to boost the international profile as well as the brand awareness at the job market. Besides this video aartsenfruit uses online campaigns, radio and print to find the best people. aartsenfruit is highly successful in recruitment new people. Not at least because of its non conventional campaigns and nonstopfresh strategy in a traditional market.

About aartsenfruit:

When it comes to fresh, aartsenfruit goes beyond the extra mile. We offer everything in the world of fruit and vegetables. Literally. Every day, we make sure that our range of fresh fruit and vegetables from around the world finds its way to our customers. We call this NONSTOPFRESH. This makes aartsenfruit the one and only true international gateway for fruit and vegetables. Nothing is too far or too crazy for us. We can even make a kiwi fly. Aartsenfruit will do anything to deliver fruit and vegetables fresher then fresh to one of our Benelux destinations or to Hong Kong. Partners based in all corners of the world make this possible. They grow the best and finest fruit and vegetables for us. This is the reason why we say that we go the extra mile for fresh fruit and vegetables for Aartsenfruit.

Looking for an international career? Visit is an international creative agency. We develop brave new brands and we energise existing brands. By all means. We are the ultimate agency for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial marketeers who want to get the best out of their brands. Just like we do with our own brand. #bebrave

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