Kids want to be cool. And parents like to have cool kids. That's what we had in mind when we created the iconic SUPERREBEL® KIDSGEAR brand as a collaboration between SUPERREBEL® and the Brand Works company in 2015. Since we started, SUPERREBEL® KIDSGEAR has become internationally known for quality, style and bravery. And especially for our attitude.

We simply want to be the best. In order to protect our identity, we only work with designers and photographers who are the bravest of the brave. Even our materials couldn’t be more SUPERREBEL-ious. We combine special fabrics with high-tech innovative materials. Our clothing and accessories are heavily inspired by sports and street culture. We want to bring the most appealing ski, beach, street and sportswear collections. You can easily mix and match our basics, sports and fashion collections to create your own style. That’s what makes us the ultimate brand for cool kids and tiny adults who already know what they want. We’re not a fashion brand, but a statement. That’s why we believe in selective international distribution. You won’t find SUPERREBEL® KIDSGEAR on every street corner. But only in high end (web)stores. Sorry, not sorry. Wanna be a player? Join the SUPERREBEL® Army. #BEBRAVE