1602 Capital Partners, Holland's newest corporate finance boutique agency, has asked SUPERREBEL to develop the positioning of the brand as well as the corporate identity.1602 was founded by a team of professionals with extensive experience gained at internationally renowned (investment) banks, big 4 consulting firms, asset management firms, an international stock exchange and listed companies, but also with privately owned, smaller size business. The different backgrounds of different. Professionals give the 1602 team broad knowledge and experience as well as a strong domestic and international network to help their clients exceed their goals.


Why the ‘1602’ name? In 1602 the Dutch East India Company (Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie or VOC) was established and made history with the world’s first IPO. With the trading of negotiable shares on the also newly established Amsterdam Stock Exchange, 1602 is also considered the year of the world’s first public company. 1602 symbolizes entrepreneurship, creativity, determination and result orientation. This is translated to a fresh and outstanding corporate identity which is very distinctive in the very conservative corporate finance market.